• PresenterGPT

    Your dedicated speechwriter for your presentations. Just upload your deck (PowerPoint, PDF) and it automatically writes the speech, creates a virtual presenter or voice-over, and turns your deck into a presentation video thanks to the power of GPT
    PresenterGPT can write speeches in multiple languages, is available 24/7 for your last-minute update, and has zero ego, so you can edit the speech, whenever you want, he won't mind!


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  • Generate synchronized speech automatically

    Use the Notes section of your PowerPoint slides to enter how you would present those slides. Speech will be generated using the latest TTS (text-to-speech) technology and synchronized automatically with your slide content

    Just add your text in the Notes section and automate.video will convert it into high-quality speech with the latest text-to-speech technology. It will also animate the content accordingly.

  • Create interactive videos from your ppt slides

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    automate.video allows you to generate interactive videos with quizzes from your PowerPoint slides. You can then track the progress of your users along with the results in real-time.

  • Insert your green screen videos into your slides

    With green screen video effects, be ready to create stunning professional video effects in no time!

    With automate.video you can use green screen footage (from your PC or YouTube) to insert your video or add visual effects to your PowerPoint presentation

  • Testimonials

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    "I'm using automate.video to convert PowerPoint presentations into support program videos. The result is very professional and cost-effective"

    Laura B., well-being coach, UK

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    "With the built-in text to speech feature, I'm able to produce hours of training videos on regulatory and compliance affairs while saving time."

    Nicole R., Education Training Skills Development, South Africa

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    "Thanks to automate.video, we are sending thousands of customized videos via SMS to our customers to facilitate onboarding. The engagement results are excellent"

    Heli N., General Mutual Insurance company, Finland

  • Our PowerPoint-to-Video cloud service

    is the solution for your business video producing needs

    With PPT to Video transformation, you are no longer limited to the physical meetings or need to organize long conference calls to train your staff or customers. You can now easily set up bits of training video that they can watch when it fits their schedule using a tool you already know


    Create training content your staff, partners, and customers can watch whenever and wherever they are.

    Our solution lets you send a video instead of a deck. It converts also your PPT Notes into speech so that you make sure your message is not lost in translation. You can also track who saw your videos and how much content has been watched.


    Clients always ask for your deck after a presentation. Make sure your real message is not lost in transit.

    Existing video producing means are time consuming for the teaching personnel. They are also expensive and not flexible as teaching material changes all the time. Producing online courses by leveraging existing PowerPoint content allows you to massively create content in a short period of time. It is also easy to edit your content and regenerate your videos.


    A combined digital/physical content is the most efficient way to teach to students. Digitize existing teaching courses automatically.

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