Audio and Video automatic captioning

In this tutorial, we will learn how to automatically caption the video and audio content of a Powerpoint file. Let’s begin !

First, log in to your account and upload your file. Once it’s done, check the « create audio/video caption » option. Then click on confirm to start your import.

In the preview section of your video, you can scroll down to see the subtitles that will appear under your video. This feature can support multiple languages : arabic, catalan, chinese, german, english, spanish, french, italian, filipino, portugese, russian, turkish and vietnamese.

Important: You’ll probably have to do some corrections manually because of some misspelling error or punctuation. So it is important to check the captions before sharing your content. To do so, you can click on each section of the subtitles, modify the text as much as you want then click on update for each section. After all your modifications are done, don’t forget to click on update final video at the top of the screen.

You can watch the video online on the platform by sharing a link, or you can download the video. If you download it, you’ll get an mkv file that works like an mp4 file but with subtitles, that can be read by a lot of different software and while being offline.

Thank you for following this tutorial. We hope you enjoyed it. Go to to sign up and start creating your videos !