Create and manage your video collections and video landing page

Share multiple videos in a link

In this tutorial, we will learn how to manage your video collections and all the related options on automate video. Collections are used to group your videos so that you can share them with one link.

A nice feature of collections is that they come with their own video landing page. Just like a personal Youtube. These landing pages are very easy to customize with a system of content blocks. In this video, we will see some of the possibilities of this system.

On the "Collections" tab, click on the “+” button to create your first collection. You can give it the name you want and add multiple existing videos into the collection. Just click on the « add project to collection » icon and then select all video projects you want to add. Then click on “update”.

The collection name will define the url that will be used to share it. Choose wisely!

You can also create a collection and add a video to a collection from the « projects » tab. Click on the button « add project to collection », a popup window will appear. If you have already created a collection, it will appear on the left, select the collection you want the video to be added in, and click « update ». If you want to create a new one, enter the name of new collection in the text field on the right and then, click « update »

To edit a landing page, click on the red button at the bottom of your collection, in the "collections" tab. Each collection comes with a specific web page, called a landing page, that you can fully customize. When you are logged in, you will automatically enter the edit mode. Editing is done through a very simple system of blocks. Such as text blocks, video blocks, URL blocks and many more. You can modify each block directly on this page. For example, you can modify the title of the page. Each block can have a different background, content, and description.

You can also add an external youtube or vimeo video to your landing page. For that, click on the plus icon to add a new block then click on video at the bottom of the list. Then copy and paste the link of the video so that it appears on your page.

Don’t hesitate to move blocks by clicking first on the « move blocks » button at the right of the screen. You can use the arrows on each block to move them. Or drag the block and drop it where you want.

When your modifications are done, don’t forget to click on the « publish » button at the top right of the screen to save your changes. Now this landing page can be shared with your viewers the same way you share a single video.

If you add new video projects to your collection, the landing page is not automatically updated so that you don’t lose your formatting.

To import the newly added videos, and remove the ones that have been deleted, use the « sync video list from collection » button.

This will automatically add new video projects at the bottom of the landing page. You can then move them and customize your page accordingly. To see the landing page as a viewer would, click on the « preview » button on the right of your screen. Again, don’t forget to click on « publish » to save your changes.

Thank you for following this tutorial. We hope you enjoyed it. Go to to sign up and start creating your videos !