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  • Our PowerPoint-to-Video cloud service

    is the solution for your business video producing needs


    A new release or product to announce ? Some use case to promote or some market insights to share with your customers ?

    Posting video content on your web site, on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook is an essential part of building a relationship with your prospects and customers.

    Using a tool you already know and automate video production allows you to post often and with the best return on investment.


    Produce training content your staff, partners and customers can watch whenever and wherever they are

    With PPT to Video transformation, you are no longer limited to the physical meetings or need to organize long conference calls to train your staff or customers. You can now easily set up bits of training video that they can watch when it fits their schedule.


    Clients always ask for your deck after a presentation. However only 30% of the information is actually grasped from the pages. How do you make sure your message is properly carried through ?

    Our solution lets you send a video instead of a deck. It converts also your PPT Notes into speech so that you make sure your message is not lost in translation.


    A combined digital/physical content is the most efficient way to teach to students. But digitization of existing teaching courses is a major challenge for schools and universities

    Existing video producing means are time consuming for the teaching personnel. They are also expensive and not flexible as teaching material changes all the time. Producing online courses by leveraging existing PowerPoint content allows you to massively create content in a short period of time.

  • Transform your PowerPoint into Marketing Video

    Upload your existing content and transform it automatically into video for your social media and marketing needs.

    Just pick your output format (square, portrait, landscape),

    and upload your file and you'll get a video ready to post on your web site, newsletter, LinkedIn page or Twitter

  • Create amazing visual effects with PowerPoint

    With automate.video you can use green screen footage (from your PC or YouTube) to add visual effects to your PowerPoint presentation


    With green screen video effects, be ready to create stunning professional video effects in no time !

  • Illustrate your text to create engaging content

    Focus on your content. automate.video automatically looks for relevant images to make the video more engaging.

    If your slide is not yet presentation friendly, no worries. Just enter your text,

    automate.video will automatically analyze your text and look for relevant illustrations to decorate and animate your video

  • Generate synchronized speech automatically

    Just add your text in the Notes section and automate.video will convert it into speech and animate the content accordingly.

    Use the Notes section of your PowerPoint slides to enter how you would present those slides

    Speech will be generated using the latest TTS (text-to-speech) technology and synchronized automatically with your slide content

  • Automatically edit the video content of your PowerPoint

    Get everything done from your PowerPoint application, insert videos into your slides, add text and automate.video does the editing for you.

    Just insert videos onto your slide and add images and text,

    automate.video will detect which video should be used as background video. They are automatically edited and speed-adjusted (if muted) to match the text.

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    Download and share created videos as much you want.

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    Up to 5 slides per presentation


    5 slides max per presentation

    5 minutes max per slide

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    Pay per required additional slides


    buy pack of additional slides with discount

    No duration limit

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