• automate.video is a cloud service that transforms

    your presentation into engaging, interactive, trackable videos

    With the current pandemic, the digitization of content has become a priority for schools and businesses.


    Remote learning and training, digitization of students' reports have become the new normal.


    But this obligation can also become an opportunity. With platforms like Udemy, knowledge providers can share and monetize their content to the world.


    automate.video provides the tool you need to create learning content faster by transforming PowerPoint content into engaging, interactive, trackable video your users can watch wherever they are and on any device.

  • Animate your static presentation automatically

    Turn you static presentations into a dynamic video just by uploading your file.


    Thanks to automate.video unique technology, no video editing is needed, timing and animation are automatically adjusted based on your content


    If you need to create content often and don't have time to polish your presentations, automate.video can pick automatically relevant content to illustrate your video, animate your image, video and text content and add soundtrack to your video.

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  • Turn your presentation into an online lecture

    with automatic speech and magic head technology

    You can easily create engaging courses from your presentation by adding recorded audio or video to your pptx slides or add video effects with green screen.


    But you can go further and speed up the creation process by automating the recording of audio. automate.video provides you with the automatic speech feature. Text in your notes will be automatically synthesized into an audio voice track.


    You can go even further with our unique magic head feature. It automates the recording of the video by automatically animating faces and lipsync static photos, the result is incredible. You can use it to make your courses amazing !


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  • Track your users progress with the built-in LMS feature

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    With automate.video simple LMS (Learning Management System), you can identify and track your users' progress and receive input directly from the video player, no need for complex integration with an external system.


    automate.video allows you to create downloadable content that you can share with your users using the tools you want (email, google drive, microsoft teams, one drive, slack, ...)


    Or you can use this feature for your physical courses, meetings or blended teaching. Navigation through the video is as simple as using a PowerPoint ppt slideshow.


    With the downloadable content, your users can watch and interact with your content off-line from any device without having to download an app or install software. And you keep getting progress data as soon as they get back online and remain in control of your content.

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