How to insert videos into your PowerPoint presentation

or how PowerPoint can be a powerful video editor when combined with

There are two ways in PowerPoint to include videos into a presentation properly while making sure people you share the file with can also see the video.

In PowerPoint click on "Insert" in the menu then "Video", you will be able to share a YouTube video by clicking online video. You will have to enter the shared url you obtain from YouTube by clicking the share button under the video. Note that you can choose to start the video at a certain time.

You can also insert a video stored on your PC by clicking the video on the PC option. In that case you will also have the option to further edit the video inside PowerPoint by right clicking on the video then edit. By dragging the green or the red lever, you will be able to crop the video to your need.

Those PowerPoint files are thus supported by, where the inserted videos are automatically assembled to make a fully edited video. So now there is really little need to install an external video editor software on your PC

Warning, refer to Youtube terms and conditions before sharing someone else's content into your video. If you have the video on your PC make sure you have the right to use the video and make sure it is not right protected.