How to add sound and audio to your PowerPoint presentation

And make sure others can hear it too

· Tutorial,PowerPoint,Soundtrack,Audio

Hi everyone,

In this tutorial, you will learn how to properly add sound and audio to your powerpoint presentation and make sure people you send your file to can also listen to your audio. In PowerPoint, you can use the built-in record feature or insert a file you have recorded previously by selecting Insert in the menu, then Audio, then you can choose Record or Audio on your PC.

If you insert a music soundtrack in the first slide of your pptx, and once uploaded into, our app will use that soundtrack when transforming your PowerPoint into video automatically and apply the soundtrack to the whole video.

You can also use our built-in music sountracks by default, or unselect that option when you import your file.

Now it's your turn to build online courses, reports, or even video clips and karaoke videos with !