How to change the voice of the automatic speech feature


With, you can change the default synthetic voice for the automatic speech feature. The automatic speech feature allows you to generate a voice-over from the text in the Notes Section of your PowerPoint presentation.

First, check the list below to find your desired voice, and then write down the corresponding Voice code. Note that Wavenet and Neural2 voices are of better quality, so you should pick those if possible.

For example, if you want to use an English female voice with an Indian accent, the voice code will be: en-IN-Wavenet-D

Then, to change the voice for the whole video, insert the following text anywhere in your Notes section:

%%TTSVOICE%[Your target Voice code]%%TTSVOICE-END%. In our example, the text will be: %%TTSVOICE%en-IN-Wavenet-D%%TTSVOICE-END%

To change only the voice in the current slide, add the following text in the Notes section of the current slide.

%%SLIDETTSVOICE%[Your target Voice code]%%SLIDETTSVOICE-END%. In our example, the text will be %%SLIDETTSVOICE%en-IN-Wavenet-D%%SLIDETTSVOICE-END%

Here is the list of all the possible voices: