Generate multiple avatars in your video

Create a dialog, generate avatars from picture in your PowerPoint

In this tutorial, we will learn how to set up multiple presenters in one Powerpoint.

Let’s say we want one of our presenter to say the first part, the second one answers then the first one speaks again. For that, we set up our two presenters in the slide, then we copy and paste it two times.

Then we erase the corresponding lines in the notes section so that each slide will only have the ones that concerns the presenter currently speaking.

For to know who is talking on each slide, right click on the presenter talking for this slide, then click on alt text. In the box appearing on the right, write %%TALKINGHEAD% Repeat this process for each slide.

For our presenter having different voices, we’ll use a command we’ve already seen, the %%SLIDETTSVOICE% and %%SLIDETTSVOICE-END%command. First go to this address:

Then use the command on each slide with the voice code corresponding to the voice you chose.

After uploading you powerpoint to automate video, click on use PowerPoint notes and slide images to create Talking Head video. Then export your powerpoint.

Let's watch the result. You can download the sample file below.