How to modify your virtual presenter or automatic speech

Hello everyone ! In this tutorial, we will learn how to edit a virtual presenter or an automatic voiceover speech after you’ve created your video. Let’s begin !

To create a presenter video and create a virtual presenter, you can follow the
tutorials available on our website:

Sometimes, once your video has beenrendered, you may need to modify the speech, because of a pronunciation error or to correct a sentence generated by PresenterGPT. Let’s have a look at the options to modify the virtual presenter or voiceover.
First you can change the avatar you want to use by clicking on the button with the picture of the avatar and selecting it from the list.

You can also choose a different voice and language for your avatar. Use the search field to look for a suitable voice.
You can add a delay before the display of the avatar for each scene by modifying the start time.

Finally, you can edit the text for your speech as much as you want by clicking the text section. Once all of your modifications are done, click the « generate new virtual presenter » button. The avatar will be regenerated. This usually take a few minutes, so you can wait or do modification on other scenes.

You can check whether your avatar has been updated by clicking on the “play” button or by watching the preview project by clicking on « view full video preview » button.

Now, to update the actual video, you need to click on « update final video » button that will appear at the top of the screen. This will restart the rendering process.

If you are using the automatic speech feature without an avatar for your presentation, you can also edit the speech. Click on the update button once you are finished with this scene.

dddThank you for following this tutorial. We hope you enjoyed it. Go to to sign up and start creating your videos !