How to insert an AI virtual presenter in your PowerPoint video

Generate an human virtual presenter from your PowerPoints notes section

To create a virtual presenter for your PowerPoint, you just need to write your script in the Notes section of each slide in your PowerPoint presentation.Another option is to record your voice in PowerPoint. To do so, click on Insert, Audio, and Record Audio. The audio file will be inserted into your slide.

Then log in to you will need to subscribe to a professional or business plan. Then upload your file to the service.

After you upload your PowerPoint, the import options screen will appear. Click on “Use PowerPoint Notes to create virtual presenter”. The first time you use the service, the Synthesia terms of use will appear. Make sure you read the content restrictions, then click on the close button. A list of stock virtual presenters will appear. Select the one you want for your video and then close the popup window.  

By default, the test mode is enabled, so you can preview what your virtual presenter will look like. In test mode, the virtual presenter will have watermarks. If you are ready to generate your final video, click the switch button to go into normal mode. Your monthly virtual presenter time credit will then be debited by the duration of the video. Click “Confirm” to launch the import. 

The virtual presenter generation will take a few minutes, depending on the duration of your video, you can close this window and you will receive a notification email once the video is ready. 

By default, the position of the virtual presenter is automatic. The first slide will have a full size avatar positioned on the right, the following slides will have half size avatar positioned on the right. To adjust manually the position of the virtual presenter, insert the following text anywhere in the Notes section of the slide to get the desired result:














 %%NO_AVATAR% (to remove the virtual presenter on the selected slide and use TTS only)

To delay the appearance of the virtual presenter you can insert in the Notes section %%AVATARDELAY% followed by the number of seconds then %%AVATARDELAY-END%

For example to delay the appearance of the virtual presenter by 5 seconds, insert: %%AVATARDELAY%5%%AVATARDELAY-END%

You can also change the default voice for the virtual presenter, please check out this tutorial to see how:


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