Implement subscription or one time charge monetization for your videos

In this tutorial, we will learn how to implement monetization for your videos and make your viewers pay to access video content.

First, log in to your automate video account. Then click on your profile at the top right of your screen, then click on register as a content seller and on start registration.

We have partnered with Stripe dot com to allow you to receive payments. You must create an account, and stripe dot com must verify it. To do so, fill in the form with the requested information, such as your name and bank details, where the money will be sent.

Once the account has been created and verified, go to the collections tab. Create a video collection if you haven’t done so. A tutorial is available to help you do that. A dollar button should appear under your collections when your reseller account is enabled.

When you click on the dollars button, you can offer multiple subscription plans for this collection and with any currency you want, such as a one-time charge, a yearly, monthly, or even a daily subscription. When you finish setting up your subscription plans, close the window.

To help you sell your collections to potential buyers, you will need a landing page where you provide marketing material and tease what the videos are about. To do so, you can use any web page editor you want. Then copy the collection U R L address by clicking on the share icon, and paste it into your landing page under a button or image. Or you can create a free collection accessible to everyone that will serve as a landing page in which you can write your content and link it to your paid collection address.

Now let’s see the user flow. The user arrives on the landing page through advertising, social media, or emailing and then clicks on the payment collection link. The user will then be asked to sign in or register for free with Automate video to verify access. If the user can’t access the video collection, Automate video will display the subscription plans configured for the collection. After selecting the subscription plan, the user will be redirected to a payment page where they will enter their card details. If only one plan exists, the user will directly go to the payment page.

After purchase, the user now has access to the videos!

Thank you for following this tutorial. We hope you enjoyed it. Go to to sign up and start creating your videos!