How to create an interactive video with PowerPoint ? (part 1)

Part 1 : create an interactive video using links within PowerPoint


With, you can easily create interactive videos. Our service supports links within slides allowing the viewer to click on the video to navigate through scenes. This is done with PowerPoint.

CAUTION: You should not group together several links or answers as only one link per group is allowed on the video player.

You can control the video player by putting commands in the Notes section of the PowerPoint slides. For example %%PAUSE_AFTER% in the Notes section will make the player pause and wait for the viewer to click on buttons.

You can also make the video player send the viewer to another slide automatically. Just put %%GOTO% followed by the target slide number. Then add %%GOTO-END in the Notes section. For example, %%GOTO%2%%GOTO-END% to send the viewer to the 2nd slide.

This method will allow you to create interactive and engaging content, quizzes, interactive stories, training material, ... But you will not be able to collect proper results. 

In part 2 of this tutorial, we will see how to build interactive video and manage user data in real-time with

Let's try an example:

 You can also create an institutional or a product video with the same system, for example:

 You can download the example PowerPoint here