Which option should I pick ?

Animate and convert or Transform

Discover which template is the best for your content

Automate.video provides 2 main options when converting PowerPoint presentation into video.

The first one is "Animate and convert" which keeps most of the existing presentation layout into the rendered video.

It allows you to add voice tracks, insert videos, animation, etc... and have a video that looks like your original slides.

The "Animate and convert" template is best suited for business presentations, online courses, student reports, personal messages.

The second option is the "Transform" option, in this case the platform works for you, using artificial intelligence, backgrounds are automatically selected by analyzing your content, text is animated and highlighted automatically.

This option allows you to save time in building your powerpoint but the video layout will be really different from the original presentation.

The "Transform" template is best suited for short video snippets to share on social media like twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc...

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